Bespoke Manufacture & Design

british-hovercraft-bespoke-design-manufacturing-9Experience second-to-none in small hovercraft design and air-cushion technology. In the last two years, Flying Fish have brought to the market four new or updated hovercraft, as well as designing and supplying hovercraft for specific applications. These have included craft for sub-zero ice operations in Finland, UXO ordnance detection in the Gulf, modifications for a disabled owner and some ‘super tough/super quiet’ craft for driving event businesses, remodelled hovercraft for yacht tenders. We work closely with a number of industry experts and the combined knowledge within the business is extremely comprehensive.

If you have a specific role which air-cushion technology may address, it’s quite possible that we can help take your idea through the design stage to production. On top of this, we can provide training and support throughout specific projects.

For more information, or to discuss your ideas/requirements, please contact us.