british-hovercraft-reselling-distribution-7Hovercraft are becoming more and more common as recreational and utility vehicles, and as a business opportunity they compliment many other types of dealerships, providing a unique product and good margins for the reseller.

We receive a regular enquiries regarding reselling opportunities from both the UK and abroad. We currently have around 6 active resellers and it’s important to us that when we appoint a reseller, the relationship is likely to endure. This means that we need to be reassured that the reseller is committed to the opportunity, and has the necessary skills and finance to be able to exploit the territory we agree upon.

We Support our Resellers

british-hovercraft-reselling-distribution-4You don’t need in in-depth knowledge of hovercraft, as we favour both professional marketers as well as existing dealers of boats, jetski’s, and quads, etc. We can teach you everything you need to know about small hovercraft and full training is provided to our resellers.

We can also provide brochure designs, photographs and literature, supporting the reseller to get sales off to a flying start. We can pass leads we receive and even arrange demonstrations for the reseller’s clients if it’s more convenient for the client.

New Legislation, New Opportunities

Currently 80% of our sales are overseas. However, in April 2014, new UK legislation governing hovercraft operations in the UK will come into force, and with our new pricing structure in place, there is now a significant opportunity to market and distribute small hovercraft for both recreational and commercial purposes here in the UK. Our factory is located right in the very South-East of England, so there’s no doubt that we lose sales in other areas of the UK where there is no opportunity for a local demo or support.

How it Works

british-hovercraft-reselling-distribution-9The way it works with our dealers is broadly as follows: the reseller buys from Flying Fish at a discount and sells the craft at retail prices to their clients. In order to get the reseller status and pricing, there’s a minimum commitment of three hovercraft, but this can be split in some circumstances.

The agreement will run initially for one year and rolls on thereafter until terminated and contains what can be described as fairly standard trading clauses regarding the resellers ‘territory’ and how they represent Flying Fish, as well as the required training and agreed pricing. In short, it’s very straightforward so that both sides know exactly how the relationship will work.

If you’re interested in becoming a reseller, then please get in touch. We’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire so that we can better understand how you’re set geographically, financially and operationally – and what relevant background you have. Once we’ve had a chance to look through, we’ll be in a position to ask any questions and hopefully welcome you to the factory in Kent for further discussions.